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Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is a cosmopolitan Mediterranean city that incorporates in its urban street pattern Roman remains, medieval districts and the most beautiful examples of Modernism and 20th century avant-garde art. Not for nothing were the emblematic buildings of Catalan architects Antoni Gaudi and Luis Domenech i Montaner declared to be World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Of Roman origin, Barcelona's long history and economic dynamism have provided it with an impressive cultural heritage, shown in the conservation of its rich historic and artistic heritage and in the encouragement of the newest artistic trends. Its long cultural agenda will lead the visitor through museums, exhibitions, outdoor sculptures... and an extensive calendar of music, theatre, and dance.

Popular culture also has a presence in this city, which does not forget deeply-rooted traditions, such as the Merca Festival, or the holiday celebrations in the districts of Gracia, Sants, or Poblenou, all excellent opportunities to get to know the more festive side of Barcelona.

Tradition and modernity are also responsible for shaping its innovative and imaginative cuisine, which is based on organically grown produce, fresh fish, sausages and olive oil. Home-made pastries, and sparkling wines will round off a merely superficial approach to Barcelona's culinary culture.

To take a stroll through the streets of Barcelona is to be surprised at every step. Pedestrian streets in the old districts, green spaces, and a splendid waterfront filled with modern structures all reflect the city's aim of integration. Barcelona has managed to exalt its past without forgetting its commitment to the future. The city has some extraordinary infrastructures dedicated to hosting seminars, symposiums and international competitions. Its exceptional communications network, its Mediterranean climate and its great number of tourist attractions make of Barcelona an important business city. Business facilities, as well as conference and exhibition centres, can accommodate the widest variety of initiatives.

The visitor, whether on business or pleasure, will enjoy Barcelona's Mediterranean character, which can be clearly felt on the Costa del Garraf as well as the Maresme coast. In addition, the city has beautiful urban beaches, marinas, and seafront golf courses. Nature lovers will not need to travel far to be able to hike through the hills that are part of the coastal mountain range and the Catalan Pyrenees.


Why Barcelona?

Barcelona is in the midst of change, with entire districts undergoing renovation. Originally developed as a series of largely self-contained neighborhoods - each with its distinct identity and function - Barcelona is a surprisingly easy city to navigate. From its medieval Gothic quarter and historic old town of narrow streets and alleys to its world famous art-nouveau buildings and futuristic Olympic Village on the harbor, Barcelona is a city of contrasts and unrivaled artistic beauty and diversity.


It's a very cosmopolitan city you will definitely enjoy!